Santana L

Universal roof top A/C unit 24V, 18 Kw, 4000m3/h.
Santana is a roof top air conditioning unit with an innovative technical concept, designed for applications in mini- and midi-buses up to 35 passenger capacity. It is available in two options: the first one is Santana XL (1800 mm width) designed to use the original air-ducts of the vehicle; the second one is Santana L (1600 mm width) that distributes the fresh air through the standard air-ducts included in the Delphi catalogue. The double configuration of the RTU enables to cover a more comprehensive range of vehicles.The aluminium main frame makes the system lighter and easier to install. An innovative electronic control of the funs and of the sensors allows to realize a simple electric wiring and to customize the control system .
The cover is made by a special plastic resistant to the worst atmospheric conditions and can be fully painted according to the needs.